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June 11, 2012 is a platform / community / tool which offers you a learning experience with flash-cards. And similiar to another language learning community (I will talk about that in a while), it illustrates your vocabulary as a flower. The first time you are learning words there is depicet as planting a seed, when you repeat learning, you pour the seed…and so on. So you’re forced to repeat your lessons from time to time (- an important step, as I mentioned in General thoughts about language learning #1).

I have no account there, but I tried a short lesson in English-Swedish and English-Icelandic and I think it could be a sustainable method for remembering your vocabulary. It’s also possible to create your own lessons / flash-cards – as far as I understood.

There are already a lot of language courses available, at least for English speaking people. You can find existing courses by clicking on “topics” on

Here is a video from “laoshu505000” on youtube about

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