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General thoughts about language learning #2

June 16, 2012

How to learn a language #2?

My final conclusion in “General thoughts about language learning #1” was, that it is important to constantly use and practice your language knowledge as often as possible. You maybe have read it and thought “Wow. Nice story bro. – I already knew that. But one of my biggest issues with language learning is, that I have a suddenly upcoming lack of motivation and / or a shortage of time to learn.”

Point 2: Sometimes it is pretty hard to find the time and motivation for language studies.

Yes, it can be hard sometimes. But it doesn’t have to be hard.

For example: You have this super “teach yourself…”, “colloquial…” or any other language learning book, you posses grammar lessons and further material from your language course and you also know a few guys, you could chat with on skype in your target language. But, well – it was a pretty hard day at work and private life can also be pretty stressful sometimes. So you’re just not in the mood to carry on your language studies. You are not interested in talking to these people on skype or in doing grammar lessons and you don’t feel like doing these same old exercises of your language book again and again.

Conclusion 2: Do whatever you want. But do it!

So, you have all these nice things, but you don’t want to use anyone of them.

My hint: Turn the tables! Don’t let your interest in language learning decide what you have to do. Let your interests decide the way you learn your language.

If you’re not in the mood to do anything active for your language learning, then do something passive. Listen to the radio or music, read or scan a newspaper in the language you learn. If you want to learn German and you are interested in cars, then search on Google for related sites or forums with the expression “Auto” in order to read articles or to participate in forums. You can also use social media to be exposed to a constant stream of your target-language.

That all enables you to keep up your language studies, so that you can’t get completely out of practice, even in hard times, when you don’t have a lot of time and you are not pretty motivated. You still keep in mind that you are learning a language and it keeps you away from too long breaks in your language learning process.

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