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June 22, 2012

Language forums on the internet are one of my favorit resources, when I have some questions about a specific language or language related problems. It’s also nice to reassure that other people struggle with the same issues and to see their problem-solving approaches.

I only know 3 pretty active forums at the moment (and all 3 seem to be pretty nice):

1. How-to-learn-any-language-forum

Already contains a lot of topics and posts about specific languages, learning techniques and resources. It also offers 8 different non-english disussion rooms.


This site offers more stuff, but I especially like the forum. The forum exists for over 10 years as far as I know and there are already scores of posts and topics available. There are about 60 different language-specific forums. So if you’re looking for some stuff or help about a special language, you may make a find here.

3. Fluent in 3 Month

There’s also some other interesting content on Benny’s blog. I will probably talk about this at another point. The users on this forum seem to be very ambitious. A lot of them are looking for language exchange, according to Benny’s theorie that talking is the key for fast language-acquierement.

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