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My summer goals 2012 #1

July 15, 2012
Hi everybody!
I finally finished my exams and now I have a 3 month internship at the public health department.
I don’t want to waste my freetime on weekends and in the evenings with internet, tv and sunbathing only, but rather try to improve my language proficiency and some similiar stuff.
So here’s the first of my 4 summer goals:
1. Kick-Off Russian
I received the teaching book “Russisch mit System” from Langenscheidt recently. As you may know, I will start a Russian-course in October and as far as I know is this the usual used course book at our university. “Russisch mit System” leads to niveau B1 and contains besides the teaching book also a workbook and 4 CDs + 1 MP3-CD.
(Btw: We have some pretty good language material in Germany. Learning German could be a door opener if you want to learn other languages effectively)
I try to learn the cyrillic alphabet in blockletters and cursive at the moment – seems a little bit more complicated than the latin letters. I actually was a bit confused, when I saw that the russian “T” changed in cursive to something that looks pretty much like a “M” to me 😉
I use the FSI Russian course additional to the books and CDs. The explanation of the alphabet seems to be more detailed on FSI.
My aim is to work through the Langenscheidt-book till October in order to already get a basic knowledge of the Russian language. So the course will hopefully be less stressful 😉
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