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My summer goals 2012 #2

July 21, 2012
Hello everybody!
My internship is more time-consuming than I thought in the first place. Therefore I probably won’t reach all my summer goals at full volume and I also had to change my strategy. I think I can reach goal number 2 really fast, maybe within 10 days or so, but I have probably no time for it, when winter-semester starts. That’s why I lay my focus now on
2. Learn to write Sütterlin
Sütterlin is a simplification of the old German kurrent-script and was the main-font in Germany from ca. 1920 – 1941. Hitler prohibited Sütterlin and the other traditional fonts in 1941, because they are supposedly “jewish letters”, but as far as I know, there was zero connection between the jewish community and Sütterlin. The Latin writing was the new declared standard (and is until today).
I don’t want the writing of my ancestors to be buried in oblivion, so I try to learn Sütterlin within the next 10 days. I started yesterday and it looks like I will reach the middle pages of my teaching book tomorrow. I’ll try to upload a video at the end to prove my success 😉
Helmut Delbanco’s “Schreibschule der deutschen Schrift” (ISBN 3-930540-23-1) is very well structured and costs 2,50€ without shipping.
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