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My summer goals 2012 #3 and #4

August 4, 2012
Hi everybody!
Here are my summer goals #3 and #4:
3. Improve Swedish to a B1-ish level
I’m learning Swedish for one year now (sometimes more, sometimes less) and I did courses at my university till CEFR-level A2.1. After that, I decided to keep on learning autodidactically.
I’m probably now already at a slight B1 level, but I’d like to stabilize and improve my knowledge in order to take a final Swedish course for advanced B1 or B2.1, depending on which courses are offered next semester.
That’s my stuff:
I will try to work through the monolingual “Rivstart A1-A2” and “Rivstart B1-B2” books, which we also use in the Swedish courses and play around with the other books, Swedish tv and radio, when I’m not motivated enough to do the “Rivstart”. That’s my plan.
4. Learn HTML & CSS
Goal 4 is not really a language goal. I want to get a basic understanding of HTML and CSS. I’ll learn it just because of personal interest, but maybe I will need it in the future.
I will start with a step-by-step guide, which shows on the basis of an example-website how use HTML and CSS. Looks like a foolproofed system 😉
  1. Good luck! I notice that some of your textbooks have the CEFR level marked. Have you ever seen any CEFR graded textbooks for Bulgarian over there in Europe? I’ve been looking, but haven’t been able to find any so far. 😦 Perhaps I’m looking in the wrong places…

  2. Thanks! Yes, I mostly buy CEFR-marked books, if possible.
    Bulgarian is not a very popular language to learn and it doesn’t look as if there are many textbooks available.
    The only CEFR graded book I know is the German “Assimil Bulgarisch” book (CEFR A1-B2), but the drawback is, that you have to understand German – and I think you don’t 😉
    I haven’t seen any CEFR mark on the French Assimil books…
    The German adaption of the “teach yourself” series is always CEFR graded, but I’m not familiar with the English version, though you’ve probably already checked this out.

    That’s all I know 😦

  3. Thanks anyway! I already have the English Teach Yourself book, and you are right – I don’t understand much German, despite studying it at school for five years! (I really wish I had kept at it.) 😦

  4. Es ist niemals zu spät 😉

  5. Some good goals! Good luck! Thanks for the follow on my blog.

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