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If we spoke a different language, we would perceive a somewhat different world. -- Ludwig Wittgenstein


Hello my friends!
I want to show you a site today, which I find pretty helpful to improve my English. teaches you how to use difficult words, phrases, slang or grammar. There are approximately 5 or 6 different teachers. You can watch the videos also on youtube.
Here’s a small example:
I have migraine with aura at the moment, so I hope I didn’t screw up this post – can’t see very much.

Mind your language

Hi my friends!
Just a supershort update here, to show that I’m still alive.
I discovered the series “Mind your language” from the late 70’s recently. I don’t know if it is/was pretty popular in English speaking countries and everybody except me already knows this series.
It’s a comedy-series about an English language teacher and his multicultural class and the different stereotypes of their home countries.
Let’s take a look:

My summer goals 2012 #3 and #4

Hi everybody!
Here are my summer goals #3 and #4:
3. Improve Swedish to a B1-ish level
I’m learning Swedish for one year now (sometimes more, sometimes less) and I did courses at my university till CEFR-level A2.1. After that, I decided to keep on learning autodidactically.
I’m probably now already at a slight B1 level, but I’d like to stabilize and improve my knowledge in order to take a final Swedish course for advanced B1 or B2.1, depending on which courses are offered next semester.
That’s my stuff:
I will try to work through the monolingual “Rivstart A1-A2” and “Rivstart B1-B2” books, which we also use in the Swedish courses and play around with the other books, Swedish tv and radio, when I’m not motivated enough to do the “Rivstart”. That’s my plan.
4. Learn HTML & CSS
Goal 4 is not really a language goal. I want to get a basic understanding of HTML and CSS. I’ll learn it just because of personal interest, but maybe I will need it in the future.
I will start with a step-by-step guide, which shows on the basis of an example-website how use HTML and CSS. Looks like a foolproofed system 😉

What a glorious day!

The nice blogger from i talk you talk…languages nominated this blog for the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award“.
Ok, I don’t think that I deserve any award yet and I doubt that this award really exists.
I think that’s just a trick to make your blog famous. But more traffic is always a good thing, so I will participate 😉
There are a few rules every blogger has to follow if he or she wants to  ̶̶g̶̶e̶̶t̶̶ ̶̶f̶̶a̶̶m̶̶o̶̶u̶̶s̶  win the award:
– Display the award logo on your blog. – already done
– Link back to the person who nominated you. – already done
– State 7 things about yourself.
– Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link to them. – Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award’s requirements.
7 short facts about myself you probably didn’t know yet:
1. I’m male
2. I can juggle (btw: juggling was the kick-off for my “project self-improvement”, which  makes me try to learn at least one new thing every year)
3. I’ve never managed to play an instrument (trying ukulele at the moment)
4. Not married, no kids
5. I’m interested in language, teaching and communication, but I often don’t like to talk
6. I don’t have any pets
7. I’m not a Yeti
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I was pretty diligent this week  and  I have alredy finished my Summer goal #2. Unfortunately is my equipment too lousy to upload a video, which shows me writing in Sütterlin. – Mea culpa!

That’s why I’ve uploaded a pic again. I wrote the poem “To__” from Edgar Allan Poe in Sütterlin and in latin letters. I hope you can at least decipher one of them 😉


Edgar Allan Poe – To__ – Sütterlin

My summer goals 2012 #2

Hello everybody!
My internship is more time-consuming than I thought in the first place. Therefore I probably won’t reach all my summer goals at full volume and I also had to change my strategy. I think I can reach goal number 2 really fast, maybe within 10 days or so, but I have probably no time for it, when winter-semester starts. That’s why I lay my focus now on
2. Learn to write Sütterlin
Sütterlin is a simplification of the old German kurrent-script and was the main-font in Germany from ca. 1920 – 1941. Hitler prohibited Sütterlin and the other traditional fonts in 1941, because they are supposedly “jewish letters”, but as far as I know, there was zero connection between the jewish community and Sütterlin. The Latin writing was the new declared standard (and is until today).
I don’t want the writing of my ancestors to be buried in oblivion, so I try to learn Sütterlin within the next 10 days. I started yesterday and it looks like I will reach the middle pages of my teaching book tomorrow. I’ll try to upload a video at the end to prove my success 😉
Helmut Delbanco’s “Schreibschule der deutschen Schrift” (ISBN 3-930540-23-1) is very well structured and costs 2,50€ without shipping.

My summer goals 2012 #1

Hi everybody!
I finally finished my exams and now I have a 3 month internship at the public health department.
I don’t want to waste my freetime on weekends and in the evenings with internet, tv and sunbathing only, but rather try to improve my language proficiency and some similiar stuff.
So here’s the first of my 4 summer goals:
1. Kick-Off Russian
I received the teaching book “Russisch mit System” from Langenscheidt recently. As you may know, I will start a Russian-course in October and as far as I know is this the usual used course book at our university. “Russisch mit System” leads to niveau B1 and contains besides the teaching book also a workbook and 4 CDs + 1 MP3-CD.
(Btw: We have some pretty good language material in Germany. Learning German could be a door opener if you want to learn other languages effectively)
I try to learn the cyrillic alphabet in blockletters and cursive at the moment – seems a little bit more complicated than the latin letters. I actually was a bit confused, when I saw that the russian “T” changed in cursive to something that looks pretty much like a “M” to me 😉
I use the FSI Russian course additional to the books and CDs. The explanation of the alphabet seems to be more detailed on FSI.
My aim is to work through the Langenscheidt-book till October in order to already get a basic knowledge of the Russian language. So the course will hopefully be less stressful 😉