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Korean anyone?

September 21, 2012 seems to be a pretty useful site for all Korean-learners.
7 young teachers help you in different categories to learn Korean. For example:
– Vocabulary with pictures
– Ask Hyojin (meanings of words, opposite meanings,…)
– Lessons in different levels (with MP3s and PDFs)
– Learning with K-Pop
– Videos
– Tests
There’s stuff for beginners as well as for advanced learners and the teachers seem to be very pleasant.

  1. Thanks! For a more cloak-and-dagger approach, here’s the Defense Language Institute’s site for North Korean culture and dialect: It’s open to anyone!

    • Thank you. I’ve lately watched some videos about North Korea. Seems like the country isn’t as sealed off as I thought in the first place. It is at least possible to spend a few days there as a tourist.
      @ Loving Language: How many languages are you familiar with? Seems to be a whole lot.

      • I speak Russian, Ukrainian, and French fluently. I speak decent German and Arabic. I read some Ancient Hebrew and Greek, and a little Syriac. I make my way with a little Spanish and Dutch. Right now I’m working on Farsi and Somali. But “familiar”–I know a random fact or two about a bunch of languages. (I know nothing about Korean 🙂 )

      • Wow, 6 languages more or less fluent. That’s impressive!

      • Thanks! But as I tell people, it’s like filling buckets with holes. You have to keep pouring in or it will all pour out.

      • That’s true. I’m already struggling with 3 languages 🙂

  2. The struggle’s worth it. Keep at it!

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