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Summer is over

October 14, 2012
Hello my friends!
Summertime has come to an end and autumn has arrived. Now it’s time to talk about how I have handled my summer goals #1, #2#3 and #4 this year.
It didn’t get as well as I thought in the first place. My internship was more time-consuming as I had expected. Besides, I was a little bit sick all the time. But there’s no reason for big excuses. Let’s see how far I got in particular:


Learning the Cyrillic alphabet
I can read now the Cyrillic blockletters with difficulty.  I started with cursive but I lost motivation during summer. Didn’t know how the tracks on the CDs match to the book and got frustrated.
Learn to write Sütterlin
This competition was a complete success. I have sometimes problems to write some capitals instinctively right, but I’m satisfied 😉
Improve Swedish to a B1-ish level
I didn’t use the teaching books, but I read daily in my books (bought two new ones) and on I also wrote down 30 pages of “Bröderna Lejonhjärta” (The Brothers Lionheart) and translated words and phrases I didn’t know.
I’m maybe on a pretty low B1 level in reading, but I’m still struggling in speaking, writing and listening. I’m waiting for a course at my university which starts in February 2013 :/
Learn HTML and CSS
I found nearly no time for it. I have only teached me a few fundamentals. I’ll give it a further try in autumn 😉
  1. Well done! More successful than I have been! 😉

  2. Not bad! I feel the same about some of my goals. But you didn’t mention the other things in your life. The rest of life takes a lot of time, right? I wish I was farther along in Farsi, but life happens.

    • Yes, that’s true. That’s also one of the reasons why not very much is happening on this blog. Days are too short…

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