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Hi folks!

I’m a 32 year old student, who discovered his interest for languages in 2010 (pretty late, I know).

I use this blog for sharing language learning resources and also to improve (or at least to sustain) my mediocre English knowledge. I will probably report from time to time about my proceedings in language learning, but that’s probably not the main part of this blog.

Further particulars:

I’m not very good in any language, because of my flightiness and idleness. But this circumstance makes me kind of nerdy when it is about discovering new sources for language learning 😉

So please be sympathetic for my lack of language skills.

My lanuage-story:

– English: I had the mandatory English lessons in school from 1992 – 1998 and again a few month in 2010, when I made my Abitur in Germany. I wasn’t really interested in English when I was a pupil, but I did pretty well although. Now I try to improve a little by watching English TV, writing this blog and I will maybe start a B2- or C1-course in autumn…

– Spanish: I was in Mexico in 2010 and felt like a complete idiot, because it seems like at least 50% of the Mexican population does not know any word in English. I wasn’t well prepared for this circumstance. I could only say “Hola!”, “Me llamo….”, “Soy de….” and “Gracias.” – that wasn’t very helpful, because nobody wanted to know my name or where I’m from 😉  That’s why I decided to learn Spanish. I started learning autodidactically and did 2 Spanish-courses in 2011 and I really liked it. I snapped out of it, because I was afraid to neglect my other studies. But I will try to learn Spanish again in the future.

– Swedish: I also started with Swedish (accidentally – I just took it, because there wasn’t any Spanish-course available at that moment) in 2011 and I really fell in love with this language. After I’ve finished 2 courses, I decided to keep on learning autodidactically. The Swedish-courses occured always on weekends and I didn’t feel very comfortable spending this part of the week in school. But hey – the important thing is that I’m still learning 🙂

– Danish: I just did an A1-course this year in Danish and to be honest, I don’t want to go further. I don’t like the sound of the language very much. Anyway, I never planned to continue, I just wanted to see the differences and similarities between Danish and Swedish.

– Russian: I will start with Russian this year in October. I’m really interested to reach at least A2-level till spring/summer 2013. Then I have to write my bachelor thesis and I don’t want to look further ahead for the moment.



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  1. chasolie permalink

    Hey 🙂 I just like your project! Ich bin selbst gerade dabei mein Spanisch wieder aufzupolieren und eventuell Französisch direkt hinterher. Von daher haben wir ziemlich ähnliche Ambitionen. Go on and buen éxito!

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